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Getting Started

This section helps to kick start your Python learning.

What is Python?

Python is a very popular high-level general purpose programming language.
It’s easy and intuitive.

Click to check Python popularity index by TIOBE.
Python was created by Guido van Rossum and first release in 1991.

Why learn python.

When you choose a programming language there are few things consider.

Python programming language has the following advantages, this is not an exhaustive list.

Documentation: Great documentation and community.

Code Readability : Python has a clean syntax, and easy to read the code.

Open source: Python is an open source project.

Multi-platform: Python is available for most of the popular operating systems like  Windows Unix/Linux, Mac.

Interactive: Python comes with a built-in interpreter and no pre-compiling is required.

Modules and Packages : Python code can be grouped in modules and packages.

It has a huge list number of packages already available in most of the domains.

Check PyPI – the Python Package Index to know more, currently, there are 123190+

approved packages listed.

Rapid development: Python biggest advantage is the rapid development cycle.

Within a few hours, you can build a working model of an idea.

Because of this its first choice for POC(Proof of Concepts).

Multiple programming paradigm : Python supports  multi programming paradigm like, OOP, Procedural, Functional, Object-oriented, Imperative,  Reflective.

Exception handling: Python provides exception handling mechanism like in C++, Java

Memory management : Like Java’s garbage collector, Python has an internal memory management system

Batteries Included: Python installation comes with a lot of built-in libraries,

which is reduces the dependency of external libraries/packages.

Python can do a lot of things, a small script to full-fledged cloud platform building program.

Python is widely used for

Web development

Networking applications

Scripting and automation tasks

Software testing

GUI development

Scientific applications

Data analysis

Machine learning

cross-platform desktop application

Game Development

Home Automation

Some of the popular application built with Python












Python Implementation.

Python has different flavors based implementation language.

CPython: widely used python, is written in C

IronIronPython:written in C# – runs on .NET

PyPy: is fast Python implementation with a JIT compiler.

Jython: is Java Implementation runs on  Java Virtual Machine

Stackless Python: a branch of  CPython supports microthreads