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First Python Program – Hello, World!

Writing your first program,


Hello, World.


#lets say Hello, to the World!
print ("Hello, World!")

For you to practice python on the go, this site has integrated Python Interpreter tool.

Type the code in to Python Interpreter and click Run.


Python code can be run in multiple ways.


A. Using Python installed on your PC

B. Using online Python interpreters


A. Using Python installed on your PC.

1. Using a text editor and then running it on CLI


There are many popular text editor available, like

sublime text, notepad++,  Visual Studio Code, Vim

Python plugin and extensions are also available for these.
2.Using Python Integrated Development Environments(IDEs)

When Python installed an IDLE IDE is installed along with it, (for many Linux distribution it’s packaged as an optional)

IDLE is simple IDE and suitable for beginners.

PyCharm, perhaps more most popular IDE for Python.

Some other popular IDEs are
Atom, Eclipse with PyDevThonny, Eric, Komodo IDE,


3. Using Python shell, directly write code lines on Python shell,
Python shell lets you use the Python interpreter in an interactive mode, just like bash shell.

Handy for small code snippet checking, usually programs use Python shell along with IDEs.
You have already learnt about working with Interactive python shell.

B. Using online Python interpreters

Many online Python interactive interpreters are available, some are listed below

jupyter, codeskulptor, jdoodle


Examples used in this course are small, simple and easy to understand.
You can use Python Interactive shell to quickly check the output of the code snippets.