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Functions Exercises

In this section you will find Functions Exercises in Python.

Try these exercises on your own, and the checkout the solutions.

Learn about functions in here.

Exercise 1: From given list

gadgets = [“Mobile”, “Laptop”, 100, “Camera”, 310.28,

“Speakers”, 27.00, “Television”, 1000, “Laptop Case”, “Camera Lens”]

a) Calculate the total price of the all the gadgets.

b) Calculate the average of all the gadgets.


gadgets = ["Mobile", "Laptop", 100, "Camera", 310.28, "Speakers", 27.00, 
           "Television", 1000, "Laptop Case", "Camera Lens"]

def number_list(item_list):

    prices = []

    for item in item_list:

        if isinstance(item, int) or isinstance(item, float):


    return prices

price_list = number_list(gadgets)


#function get total prices and item count

def calculate_toal_count(prices):

    total = sum(map(float,prices))

    count = len(prices)

    return total, count

#function to calculate average 

def average(total, count):

    return total/count

total_value, num_items = calculate_toal_count(price_list)

average_value = average(total_value, num_items)

print("total :{0}  average: {1}".format(total_value,average_value))