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The lessons are arranged, from easy to intermediate to advance level.

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1. If you’re a beginner start with Python for Beginners.

This will help you to get started with programming in Python.

2. If you already have some knowledge about Python,

just skim through the topics in Python for Beginners.

And you can explore Intermediate Python or try the exercises in Python Exercises.

You can also take a look at the Learn Python by Examples.

3. If you’re familiar with procedural programming,

and have some basic knowledge about Python,

and want to learn about Object Oriented Programming concepts,

then check out Object Oriented Python.

4. If you’re in hurry, don’t to read all the details, Quick Refresher is the best start for you.

In Quick Refresher you will find almost all basic to intermediate level concepts.

It will help you to recall the things, you have learned and forgotten.

5. If you don’t learn in a serial way, then pick any random chapter.

Feel free to explore topics which excite you.

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